Free VPS Service

Increase the speed of your trades with our free VPS Service!
Optimize use of EAs
Always online 24/7
Improved stability
Enhanced privacy & security
Trade from anywhere

Our Genetrade VPS will offer you the ideal circumstances for all of your trading needs. Experience instantaneous execution with optimal stability and connection from anywhere, all the time. This is an exceptional service, giving you the freedom to concentrate solely on your trading strategy without having to give second thought to such things as internet speed, connectivity, power outages, computer crashes, or any technical failure that could impede on your trading. This is the ideal environment for your EAs to work undisturbed without being monitored.

Our free VPS is on offer for any clients that maintain a minimum equity of $5,000 or currency equivalent. Clients are also required to be active traders, trading a minimum of 5 lots per month. All of your active accounts will be considered together for qualification. If you do not meet these requirements, you will still be able to use Genetrade VPS for a minimal $28 monthly fee.


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