Who is GeneTrade?

GeneTrade was founded on the promise of providing the best Trading Conditions to all it’s clients. We have managed to offer this by thorough selection of each of our Team members, and through constant investment in Technological Innovation.

Here at GeneTrade, we understand that choosing your broker can be a daunting task, and want to make it easy for you to make the correct choice. We know that we are providing the most attractive terms for our traders, and are confident that you feel the same.

Our vision at GeneTrade, was to create a platform where execution no longer had to be of concern. We are adamant in providing our clients with the Best Execution leading to the best results.

By providing a Best Execution policy, Spreads as low as 1 pip, and Zero Transaction Fees, we believe we give our Clients a head start in their Trading.

99.90% of all Trades
executed in less than 1 second
No Re-Quotes Policy
for all Accounts
No Rejection of Orders
100% Execution Success
Market Execution
Place Orders
Online Instantly
Innovation in Technology
for best Execution

GeneTrade aims to go above and beyond other brokers in all aspects. And when it comes to leverage in forex, we do not disappoint. As brokers are lowering their leverage around the world, we are offering a leverage of 1:1000. With this, we also offer a Negative Balance Protection because we are confident in the risk management steps we have put into place.

It is true that leverage can be a double edged sword, and we cannot stress enough the importance of education and smart trading strategies. But once you feel confident in your strategies and trading skills, we want to be there to provide you the maximum opportunity to monetize on your positions.

up to 1:1,000
balance protection
No changes in margin
overnight or at weekends
Over 100
Financial Instruments

A big part of being a team, is communication. GeneTrade believes in being available, and attending to matters promptly. With trades and market changes, we want to give you the flexibility and confidence to constantly move forward with the market.

GeneTrade believes in partnership. We are a broker that is interested in keeping our relationship for the long run, which is why have put together such beneficial and attractive conditions for our traders. Welcome to the winning team at GeneTrade!


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