Trading Conditions

Trading with GeneTrade

GeneTrade was founded on the promise of providing the best Trading Conditions to all it’s clients. We have managed to offer this by thorough selection of each of our Team members, and through constant investment in Technological Innovation.

Here at Genetrade, we understand that choosing your broker can be a daunting task, and want to make it easy for you to make the correct choice. We know that we are providing the most attractive terms for our traders, and are confident that you feel the same.

“GeneTrade” Legendary Execution

Once you choose your broker, once you have educated yourself, once you have decided on your strategy, all of these aspects culminate to one crucial moment: Execution. Execution is the point in which the trader hands off the baton to the broker in confidence that the broker will finalize the trade that you the trader have worked so hard to perfect. No matter how well you have built your strategy, if execution is not done quickly and precisely, everything can go to waste.

Our vision at GeneTrade, was to create a platform where this no longer had to be of concern. We are adamant in providing our clients with the Best Execution leading to the best results.

By providing a Best Execution policy, Spreads as low as 1 pip, and Zero Transaction Fees, we believe we give our Clients a head start in their Trading.

99.90% of all Trades, executed in less than 1 second
No Re-Quotes Policy for all Accounts
No Rejection of Orders. 100% Execution Success
Instant Market Execution
Place Orders Online Instantly
Innovation in Technology for best Execution
GeneTrade has High Leverage, High Opportunity

The attractiveness of Forex versus other markets has a lot to do with leverage. Thanks to this leverage, you have the power to initiate and trade substantial positions with a small amount of capital. High leverage enables a trader to invest in opportunities that can end up earning bigger profits that outweigh their financial capabilities. It is true that leverage can be a double edged sword, and we hope that you will utilize the educational channels that we provide and start with a lower leverage. But once you feel confident in your strategies and trading skills, we want to be there to provide you the maximum opportunity to monetize on your positions.

Leverage up to 1,000:1
Negative balance protection
No changes in margin overnight or at weekends
Over 100 Financial Instruments
Ability to change leverage upon request
Trading Hours

One of the many strengths of the forex market is the flexibility to trade for 24 hours a day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that trading at any time will reap the same results. The forex day is roughly broken down into 3 major market sessions.

Tokyo (Asia) : 22:00 GMT Sunday to 9:00 GMT Monday morning

London (Europe) : 8:00 GMT Monday to 17:00 GMT evening

New York (Americas) : 13:00 GMT to 22:00 GMT Monday night

You may also hear people refer to the Sydney session and the Singapore session, but they are generally blanketed under the Asia session. As you can imagine, the most active times are where the sessions overlap, with the most popular being the 4 hour overlap between the London and New York sessions from 13:00 GMT to 17:00 GMT.


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